Friday, October 17, 2008

Obama GQ Mag Political Slideshow

GQ Magazine has a great slideshow of everyone who mattered on a large scale for this year's presidential election and it ends with no other than a fantastic photo of Mr. Obama.

Chicago Tribune Endorses Barack Obama

Endorsements today -

first - The Washington Post
then - The LA Times
now - The Chicago Tribune (This is the first time the Tribune has ever endorsed a Democrat for President!!!)

"This endorsement makes some history for the Chicago Tribune. This is the first time the newspaper has endorsed the Democratic Party's nominee for president."

Obama Food Stamp Controversy Video

Los Angeles Times Endorses Barack Obama

Now that all the debates are over....the paper endorsements keep coming. First it was the Washington Post and now it's the Los Angeles Times.

Final Presidential Debate in One Minute

Get the latest news satire and funny videos at

Cookies For Obama

Delicious Obama treats out of Seattle.

Washington Post Endorses Barack Obama

The Washington Post has endorsed Barack Obama for United States President, stating that they respected McCain but "his disappointing campaign" made the choice easy but their "admiration for Mr. Obama and the imporessive qualities he has shown during this long race" made it that much easier. More Here.

Obama Ad: It Gets Worse

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Obama Online Tax Calculator Video

Go here for the calculator.

JZ on ID at the Polls Obama Video

JZ just telling us his opinion....

McCain Palin Rally Racist Obama Video

"The Blacks will take over"..."He thinks us white people are trash" HE'S HALF-WHITE!?

Oh my the ignorance

Obama Ad: 90 Percent

Obama's new ad uses McCain's body language from the final presidential debate against him.

Final Debate Frankenstein Moment

A preemptive Happy Halloween from Sen. John McCain.

Now give me some caaaaandy!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Obama Ad: Absolute Lie

Custom Fixed Gear Obama Bike Ebay Auction

YEAH! This is hot. Animal New York commissioned some folks to design and build this custom Obama Fixed Gear bike. The bid is up to $700 already and the auction doesn't end for another week.

Auction and more photos here

The Obama Straight Flip Video

Sarah Palin Rally Plays Obama's Stevie Wonder Song

I am listening to the Sarah Palin Rally in Dover, NH and between the opening speaker and Sarah Palin, they started playing Stevie Wonder's "Signed Sealed Delivered" followed by Straight Talk by Dolly Parton then Eye of the Tiger and some lame country music. (live on CNN)

Tell me this is a joke or are the Republicans actually conceding the election already?

What?????? That's Obama's campaign song. WTF?

Obama Dominating Early Vote in Swing States

FiveThirtyEight has the full statistics

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

KKK McCain Chases Obama Yard Art?

What a day. First billboards, now this. This election is bonkers!

More info on the display here.

Yes We Carve (Obama Pumpkins)

Download stencils and carve your own. More photos and info.

Obama Delivers Economic Rescue Plan for Middle Class

Obama's Not Black via Chocolate News

Barack Hussein Obama Racist Billboard

More ridiculous Southern Missouri. It's like putting up a billboard that says John "Old Man" McCain - Equals Less technological progress, less memory, and more pudding like food.

Obama Hopeful Hearts Club Painting/Video

click image to see larger version

Michael Cuffe has recreated the famous Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover of The Beatles with Barack Obama as the center of attention and the surrounding cast of characters that have inspired Obama and contributed to his campaign. He calls it The Hopeful Hearts Club.

Find out who everyone is in the painting here.

Time lapse painting video below -

Monday, October 13, 2008

Obama Pie Video

Obama Likes some Pie!

Obama Winning Flying Saucer Election

(click image for larger version)

Obama is winning in another pole, The Flying Saucer Draught Emporium Presidential Poll. Flying Saucer has locations in 13 US cities from Raleigh, NC to San Antonio, TX. Obama is winning in all cities but 3 with Austin, TX and Raleigh, NC (!!!!) having the widest margins of lead by Mr. Obama.

Does this mean that more Obama voters are drinkers? These numbers could be analyzed in so many ways but the sure thing is that Obama is leading 54%-46% which reflects almost every other poll in the nation currently.

For $5 you can get your own glass and vote for your candidate at your local Flying Saucer.

Keep up with the results here.

Obama Blowout?

I think so....but what does everyone else say? Politico has many views.