Friday, May 2, 2008

The Empire Strikes Barack Video

Clinton Advisors Video - Carville & Stephanapoulos

I usually don't post negative things here, and rarely things about candidates other than Obama but....

Bill Clinton Campaign Chairman and Hillary Clinton '08 Advisor Mickey Kantor tells George Stephanapoulos and James Carville: "Look at doesn't matter if we win. Those people are shit. How would you like to be a worthless white ni**er?"

Arcade Fire Rock for Obama Video Greensboro

I'm going today in Carrboro! Pics HERE! and HERE!

Go Tell Mama Obama Raleigh Art Show

These posters are the foundation of a one-man street art campaign launched over the past year and a half by Chicago based graphic artist Ray Noland, otherwise known as CRO.

Go Tell Mama! is the name of the traveling art exhibition, which will open at 20 E. Hargett St on Friday May 9th from 6-9pm. The show will also be on view from 12-6pm the remainder of that weekend. Carry on past the NC primary election next Tuesday. Support this incredible one-man effort and take home a work of art and a piece of history.

New Raleigh has the full scoop.

Video - Obama on Letterman Late Show

As mentioned yesterday, here is video.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Edwards Endorsement Watch - Day 04

What if Edwards Never Quit?

Not much going on today in the Edwards Endorsement Front. Seems like the Reverend Wright ordeal has taken over.

Although, I did find this interesting article published today asking "What if Edwards Never Quit?"

It's interesting to think now about what would have happened if John Edwards never quit the race. Most were surprised at him dropping out when he did. He wouldn't have won the delegate race but with Obama and Clinton closely dividing delegates between them, Edwards would have still picked up enough to have a strong voice at the convention, and in the case of a brokered convention, could have positioned himself as kingmaker if neither Obama or Clinton had enough delegates to win.

You have 4 days left Johnny Boy!

Full Article HERE

Obama Letterman Top Ten List

Tonight on the Late Show with David Letterman

ABC's Sunlen Miller reports: Sen. Barack Obama will read his own Top 10 List tonight on the Late Show with David Letterman.

"Surprising Facts About Barack Obama"

10. My first act as President will be to stop the fighting between Lauren and Heidi on “The Hills.”
9. In the Illinois primary, I accidentally voted for Kucinich.
8. When I tell my kids to clean their room, I finish with, “I’m Barack Obama and I approved this message.”
7. Throughout high school, I was consistently voted “Barackiest.”
6. Earlier today I bowled a 39.
5. I have cancelled all my appearances the day the “Sex and the City” movie opens.
4. It’s the birthplace of Fred Astaire. (Sorry, that’s a surprising fact about Omaha)
3. We are tirelessly working to get the endorsement of Kentucky Derby favorite Colonel John.
2. This has nothing to do with the Top Ten, but what the heck is up with Paula Abdul?
1. I have not slept since October.

Joe Andrew Endorses Obama (After Endorsing Clinton)

Allegiance Broken

Bill Clinton appointed Andrew chairman of the DNC near the end of his presidency, and Andrew endorsed the former first lady last year on the day she declared her candidacy for the White House.

Andrew said in his letter that he is switching his support because "a vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote to continue this process, and a vote to continue this process is a vote that assists (Republican) John McCain. FULL STORY

Obama on Meet the Press Sunday

For the Full Hour!

Illinois Senator to go full hour on NBC News’ “Meet the Press” on meta-eve of Indiana/North Carolina.

NBC release: “The program will originate live from NBC affiliate WTHR-TV in Indianapolis, Ind.”

Begs at least one question after last weekend’s Fox interview and now this, since Obama recently said: “…We’re trying to campaign and meet as many voters as possible. So rather than being in the studio I want to make sure we’re reaching out to the folks where they live….”

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fonzie Henry Winkler Endorses Obama


Just in time for Happy Days Season One - Disc 3 to come in the mail this weekend. I watch from the beginning when my fianceƩ is out of town..hehe

Interview on LACITYBEAT -

That is political! Do you have a favorite going into the election?

I do have a favorite. I don’t think I’m going to say it … .

I’m an Obama girl, myself … .

I think I’m an Obama guy. You can not be that articulate that often and not have it on the ball. People say we need “experience,” but intelligence and passion are what we need to fix this country again after what they’ve done to it. Rebecca, I have to go now to do another book signing. But thank you, thank you for the warm thoughts and kind words. Have the most wonderful day.

Barack & Michelle Obama Rachel Ray Video

Edwards Endorsement Watch - Day 03

Still Nothing but denials of rumors (Elizabeth Edwards Video below) and John being on vacation.

MSNBC: I do want to get you on this issue in terms of the news value. Can you say to me right here on MSNBC that you or your husband will not endorse in the next week? That is correct?

EDWARDS: I would be surprised. Things can happen at any day, as we found out today, a very big day on the political scene. So you never say never, so I don't know that the situation could not happen in the next week that would change our minds. But our current -- my current inclination is not to say any more than I have said. I'm willing to repeat it as many times as people want me to. John would have to speak for himself. He's also on vacation.

Obama Tarheels Basketball Video

Photos Here

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Obama Jeremiah Wright Press Conference Streaming Video

Obama - Big Press Conference on Jeremiah Wright (Video Added)

"I’m going to be having a big press conference afterward to talk about this," Obama responded, then referred back to a story the woman had told about a mother having to borrow money to get to work.

"This is diverting attention from the first story that you told," Obama said. More

Obama North Carolina Tarheels Basketball Game

Looks like Obama took time out of his schedule to shoot some hoops with the North Carolina Tarheels Yesterday. Full Photo Set

Obama with North Carolina Tarheels Team

Obama Hits a Layup

Obama with Tyler Hansbrough

Edwards Endorsement Watch - Day 02

Articles are starting to pour out of the media.

Will Edwards Endorse in the next week? Come on man, do it! What are you waiting for? Timing? Nope, that's now. Conversations with the candidates? Nope, you've had those already. Your wife's opinion. Nope, you already have that. My opinion, nope you already have that too. What is it then? Tell us!

The NY Times asks What Will John (Edwards) Do?

Huff Post Says that Elizabeth Favors Clinton but Edwards' supporters are trying to get him to endorse Obama.

Obama in Chapel Hill Video

Obama Arrives at Chapel Hill Rally

Monday, April 28, 2008

Chapel Hill for Change - Obama Rally

More photos from Sam in Chapel Hill

Obama Chapel Hill Speech Set Up Photo

My buddy Sam just sent me this from Obama's speech scheduled to start in one hour in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. More to come.....

Edwards Endorsement Watch Begins

Dear John Edwards,

You have 8 Days before the NC Primary. If you are going to Endorse one of the Democratic Candidates, I encourage you to do it in this time. We in North Carolina would be grateful for you to represent our state well by expressing your opinion on the national stage. You mentioned on The Colbert Report last week, that it would be someone who shared your issues. We here at All Things Obama would encourage you to endorse Obama for this exact reason, but know that it is your decision only. Who are we to even attempt to sway your decision.

Nevertheless, we hope you make your decision before next Tuesday's primary and save the country from another 4 (or 8 years) of a Clinton in the office.




100,000 Early Votes in NC Primary So Far

via Huff Post - "More than 100,000 ballots have been cast so far in North Carolina's primary.

About 99,000 ballots had been cast at one-stop voting sites in the first week of early voting, according to the State Board of Elections. An additional 10,000 by-mail absentee ballots had been returned as of Friday morning."

Roger Waters Vote Obama Pig Balloon Coachella

Source - "The pig, which was led above the crowd from lines held on the ground, displayed the words "Don't be led to the slaughter" and a cartoon of Uncle Sam wielding two bloody cleavers. The other side read "Fear builds walls."

The underside of the pig simply read "Obama" with a checked ballot box alongside."

Greg Davis Anti-Obama Mississippi Ad Video

This is horrible.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Karl Rove's Advice to Obama

Newsweek - Four months ago, you took the political world by storm in Iowa. The media were agog. They called your words "gorgeous," your victory "a message to the world." You "made history" and Americans could "look at ourselves with pride" in "a moment to marvel."

Times change. The six weeks leading into Pennsylvania were difficult. You excelled at raising money and gaining endorsements, but got weaker as big problems emerged. Before you can fix them, you must understand them. In Pennsylvania, you won only 30 percent among Catholics and 29 percent among white working-class voters. Defections like this elect Republicans. More

Obama to Remodel White House

He hasn't yet won the Democratic nomination for president, let alone the November general election. But already Illinois Sen. Barack Obama says he has some renovation plans for the White House.

"I have sworn that we're taking out the bowling alley in the White House and we're putting in a basketball court," he said, according to a pool press report of his visit this afternoon to the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame in New Castle, Ind., today. More

Should Obama Drop Out of the Race?

Trailhead at Slate thinks so.

Slate - Even as Hillary Clinton trails Barack Obama in pledged delegates, the popular vote, and number of states won, she has made it clear that she plans to stay in the race for the nomination. All of which brings me to this logical conclusion: It is time for Barack Obama to drop out.

If Clinton had the good of the Democratic Party in mind, she would have given up her bid the day after the Mississippi primary, which Obama won by 25 points. The delegate math was as dismal for her campaign then as it is now, even after Pennsylvania, and she was facing down a six-week gulf before the next election.

But Hillary Clinton isn’t going to drop out. There simply isn’t a function in her assembly code for throwing in the towel.

Obama, on the other hand, is fully capable of it. And if he’s really serious about representing a new kind of politics, now is the time for him to prove it in the only meaningful way left. Moreover, were he to play it right, dropping out now nearly guarantees that he’ll be elected president in 2012.

Here’s the roadmap:

Hillraising - Clinton Fundraiser Moves to Obama Camp

One of the things that both Dem campaigns are always nervous about is defectors. In particular, Clinton is more vulnerable to this problem since she's the candidate that is trailing. Well, NBC News has learned that a major fundraiser for Hillary Clinton, former Amb. to Chile Gabriel Guerra-Mondragon is leaving the campaign to join up Barack Obama's campaign. Officially dubbed a "Hillraiser," Guerra-Mondragon raised nearly $500,000 for Clinton's campaign, according to some estimates. He has been informing people inside Clintonworld this week in what's been described as some tough conversations. A formal announcement of a role for Guerra-Mondragon on Obama's national finance committee will be made next week. Guerra-Mondragon was appointed Amb. to Chile by Pres. Clinton in '94 and served until '98.

Among the reasons for Guerra-Mondragon to defect, according to one informed source, was he was uneasy with the tone of the Clinton campaign and was beginning to worry about what this would mean for the general election. More

Obama Fox News Sunday Video 04/27/08

Videos of Obama on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace today.

More Clips HERE

Obama GQ Cover Boy Elitist Video

Four Pair of Shoes.

Obama DVDs

An email I received recently.

Hello Fellow Obama Supporters!

How would you like to own a DVD that contains Obama music videos and speeches while helping to raise money for the campaign at the same time? I've put together three separate DVDs with varying video content which I think you will truly enjoy! The video clips on the DVDs also can serve as valuable tools to educate friends, family, and others about Barack Obama. I first made this DVD offer a few weeks ago and, so far, $885 has been raised for Senator's Obama's campaign as a result.

DVD #1 is a collection of music videos and sp eeches given by Barack, his wife Michelle, and Barack's sister Maya Soeteor-Ng. Two of the music videos are by the inspiring and well-known "Yes We Can" video & the follow-up video, "We Are the Ones". Other videos featured on the DVD are: "Ready to Believe" & "Fired Up, Ready to Go". In addition, included is a powerful four-minute clip of Michelle Obama speaking to a crowd of enthused supporters in Ohio, an interview with Barack's sister Maya Soetoro-Ng, and Barack's entire speech given on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day at King's church, Ebenzer Baptist Church in Atlanta, GA. This disc also includes a video profile of Michelle Obama's mother and a short video clip of Obama differentiating himself from Senator Clinton.

DVD #2 features the full-length version of "A Perfect Union", Obama's historical, awe-inspiring speech about race relations in America today. This DVD also contains the "Yes We Can" speech that inspired the music video along with that now famous music video. Finally this DVD contains the clip of kids in a Bronx, NY classroom talking about the "Yes We Can" speech.

DVD #3 (labeled #4) might be considered a focus on the Obama family, a family we'd love to see in the Whi te House. This DVD features a really great 54 minute speech given by Michelle Obama in Haverford, Pennsylvania. This video also includes the video profile of Michelle Obama's mother and the interview with Barack's sister. (Please note that this the fourth DVD I've produced. The original DVD #3 has been discontinued. The content of the original DVD #3 has been combined on DVD #1 and #2)

The DVD of your choice is available for $10 donation to Senator Obama's campaign. To order, simply donate $10.00 to my personal fundraising page:

If you purchase one DVD at $10.00 you can purchase a second or third DVD at $5.00 each! So for a total of $20.00 you can own all three discs while supporting a great candidate!

As a reminder, this is a FUNDRAISING effort to help our man Obama in his journey in becoming our next president! If you can give more than ten to twenty dollars it will also be greatly appreciated!

When you donate the money to my personal fundraising goal, please include your name, address, and which DVD(s) you would like and I will mail it out right away! I'm handling all of the shipping costs and the costs of the DVD. All donations are made online at Senator Obama's web site and I'm getting no financial advantage from this whatsoever.

As you all know, the Indiana and North Carolina primaries are on May 6. Clinton has hinted that she may drop out of the race if she loses Indiana. The more money he has, the more he can spend on advertising and infrastructure in Indiana and North Carolina.

Again, to order, simply go to: And make your donation! Don't forget to include your name, address, and the which of the DVD(s) you want!

You can see the menu contents for each DVD along with a screen shot of the current levels for my personal fundraiser page at You can also see some photos of an Obama fundraising event in February that raised $1270 at



Keith Hood

Fellow Obama Supporter

P.S. The words "selling" and "purchase" are being used loosely. All monies donated are going straight to the campaign. I'm paying for the DVDs. I'm paying mailing cost (except when you choose to help). The DVDs are my personal thanks to you for donating to Obama's campaign.