Friday, October 10, 2008

Obama McCain That One Music Video

That One is gonna be the president.....and the other one??? Lips are important. Video and Music by Mocean Worker.

John McCain That One Remix

That One 2008 Website

Oh yes, you've seen the videos. Now here's the website with T-shirts and all.

SNL Spoof On Second Presidential Debate

Featuring special cameos by Bill Murray and Chris Parnell.

Obama Addresses Anger and Division

It's easy to rile up a crowd by stoking anger and division. But that's not what we need right now in the United States. The times are too serious. The challenges are too great. The American people aren't looking for someone who can divide this country -- they're looking for someone who will lead it. We're in a serious crisis -- now, more than ever, it is time to put country ahead of politics. Now, more than ever, it is time to bring change to Washington so that it works for the people of this country that we love.

I know my opponent is worried about his campaign. But that's not what I'm concerned about. I'm thinking about the Americans losing their jobs, and their homes, and their life savings. We can't afford four more years of the economic theory that says we should give more and more to those with the most and hope that prosperity trickles down to everyone else.

Warm Fuzzy Family Time at the DNC

Obama has just released this lengthy video to show he and his family are happy normal people.

Betty White Offers Obama "More Experience"

Fixed Gear Wheelie Obama

Yeah! My boy in NYC John Prolly sent me this. Obama has a history with bikes.

Farrakhan Calls Obama the Messiah

First McCain called Obama "The One" and now Farrakhan calls Obama the Messiah.

"You are the instruments that God is going to use to bring about universal change, and that is why Barack has captured the youth. And he has involved young people in a political process that they didn't care anything about. That's a sign. When the Messiah speaks, the youth will hear, and the Messiah is absolutely speaking."

Nevada Obama Ad Hits McCain on Health Care

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bob Barr Copies Barack Obama's Website

So Bob Barr is someone we don't talk about here on All Things Obama very much. It would be great it America could have a three party system. I personally would probably vote green or another third party if it was a viable option, but this has yet to happen.

That said, I found something recently that alarmed me. Bob Barr talks about how much Barack Obama and John McCain (aka Democrats and Republicans) are so much alike and that he is the third party candidate with new and improved ideas of how to save our country.

Then why, I say, does his website look EXACTLY like Barack Obama's? From the splash pages to the icons/text on the browser bar on the homepages, to the placement of color and layout, Bob Barr's website is essentially a clone of Barack Obama's. Remember when McCain did this too?

Let's take a look at the splash pages - you tell me....aren't they a bit too close for comfort?

Now let's look at the homepages. From the little house on the left of the navigation bar, to the exact layout/wording of text on the bar, to the location/color of the contribution bar and the videos, it seems as though Bob Barr isn't as much of a third party candidate as it would seem.

Is this a joke? Did Bob Barr copy Obama on purpose to make a point? I doubt it.

"ELECT OBAMA (remix)" -- Big Hit Buda Video


Helping turn purple states Blue!

Obama Ad: Unravel

Obama Fashion Hits Runways in Paris

Full Roundup of Obama Fashion HERE and Runway for Change

Obama Ad: Tested

2nd Presidential Debate in One Minute

Get the latest news satire and funny videos at

Michelle Obama on the Daily Show

McCain Palin Hate Mob

Outside a joint McCain Palin appearance in Ohio, supporters vent their ignorance and hate sparked by a disgraceful GOP campaign. You'll need a strong stomach for this clip.

Obama and Charlie Gibbs

Sarah Palin should take some notes from our future president on how to conduct a successful interview with Charlie Gibbs. One memorable moment came when Obama said

Well, I am surprised that, you know, we've been seeing some pretty over-the-top attacks coming out of the McCain campaign over the last several days that he wasn't willing to say it to my face.

McCain Ad: Ayers

Despite dropping Ayers from the stump speeches following the no-mention at the second presidential debate, McCain is now out with this lengthy ad which will please his base but should push undecided voters further away from the GOP and its scare tactics in the face of a crumbling economy.

Obama on Time Magazine Cover, Again!

I believe this is the eighth Time magazine cover Obama has graced in roughly a year. The story this time deals with the willingness of white voters to overcome race in the face of the current economic crisis. Make the Difference

Monday, October 6, 2008

Keating Economics: John McCain and The Making of a Financial Crisis

The Obama campaign has released a 13 minute documentary about McCain and the Keating 5 scandal. See the video below or at

Obama Youth Junior Fraternity Regiment Video

Obama Ad: Risky Plan

Obama's new ad, Risky Plan, ties McCain to Bush on the issue of trying to privatize social security.

Junior Fraternity Regiment Pledge to Obama

This Year

Obama's new ad, This Year, highlights job loss over the past year and paints McCain as out of touch.

Family Smiles for Obama

Two parents use their much-loved baby to remind people that this is election is about voting love rather fear. The video was made in response to the McCain campaign's insistence that Obama approves of sex education for kindergarteners, when in fact the legislation was to support a program that teaches children about what kind of touching is appropriate and safe guard them from sexual predators. I hope more of us can follow this family's example and put our anger down, especially as we head in to the final days of an increasingly negative election.