Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Daily Kos taps the Buzz Word

In 2004 there were Nascar Dads. In 2008 we'll have Obama Dads. Are you an Obama Dad? Send us your thoughts.

Here is the Daily Kos article by SicPlurisPoenaPrestantia that started the buzz word. Now let's see where it goes from here. Excerpt below, full article here.

Chew on this, Mark Penn.

Four middle-aged (Gen X, ages 38-41) fathers, middle class, each making between $28k and $43k a year, three of us college educated, two of us college grads, and between us we have 8 kids (10 if you count steps). Two black, two white. All four of us found ourselves doing something none of us could have predicted a year ago, and something that would be unthinkable a century ago. We were all campaigning – hard – for a Democratic candidate for President. Who happens to be black. In the Deep South.

One of us is a pragmatic libertarian (mois). Two are generally apolitical types who have only voted sporadically over the course of their lives, and then usually for whichever candidate didn’t seem as bad as the other. One is a registered Democrat who grew up in the bowels of the Rust Belt, and who voted whichever way his unionized dad did, when he bothered. Of the four, one (me) has ever donated to a campaign.

We’re the Obama Dads. And we’re fired up.

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lwb said...

I am an Obama Dad!!! I have 3 kids. I am a stay at home Dad and huge Obama supporter!