Thursday, February 21, 2008

Barackula The Musical | Barack Obama Democrat vs. Vampires

It is September 1990, at Harvard Law School. In 1991, Obama graduated from Harvard Law School where he was the first African American president of the Harvard Law Review. But before he graduated, something strange happened. Obama was invited by the Harvard Law Review for their first meeting which turns out to be similar to Skull & Bones. Turns out it is more than Skull & Bones, but the members are vampires and want Obama to be their "Barackula". Yes, that's right, Barackula.

The short film (video below) basically parallels, in musical form, Barack's run for the White House. New directions, hope, Republicans, and be continued. Somewhere between Grease, Reefer Madness, and Rocky Horror picture show, except without the qualtiy, Barackula is a good attempt at something fun. The lead actor definitely looks a lot like Barack and it seems Saturday Night Live is looking for an Obama impersonator for their show and the lucky one will be announced today. Maybe future episodes of Barackula will be a skit on SNL.

"Chicago, LA, and Africa, he can never be Barackula"

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Barackula is a short political horror rock musical about young Barack Obama having to stave off a secret society of vampires at Harvard when he was inducted into presidency at the Harvard Law Review in 1990. Obama (Justin Sherman) finds that he must convince the vampire society that opposing political philosophies can coexist or else the society may transform Obama to the dark side. Reminiscent to Michael Jackson's Thriller and a slight infusion of Jesus Christ Superstar, the film solely depicts Obama’s strengths, merits and genuineness while being quietly respectful towards the other presidential candidates. This short musical is highly entertaining with dancing Harvard student vampires, fantastic choreography by Victor Tang and Sherman’s physical likeness to Obama is remarkable. Shot on the new RED ONE camera, the quality of the film itself is stunning. Produced by Justin Sherman, Gavin Leighton, Brooke Shirey and Mike Lawson, Barackula – The Musical is exceedingly unique amidst today’s vast online media created by the voting public. The intent of the film makers is to create something fun and memorable during this year’s election. Release date is expected by February 2008.

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