Monday, February 11, 2008

FMB Obama song and Barack Star Mix Tape

FMB (Fire Magic Blood) is a new collaboration between Sun-Ra and Daedelus and they have released a short but sweet track that features the lyric: "F**k what yo momma say.. Im’a vote Obama Way!". The track remixes Ice Cube's Today was a Good Day and features Shafiq Husayn and Taz Arnold.

Click here to download the single.

Click here to stream the single.

I also found this on the web today.

“an Obama dedication mix using some songs that I’ve heard about him and songs that make me think of him. I just want to do my part to promote Obama this Tuesday!”
Click here to download it all (tracklist below).

Barack Star: A Tribute to Barack Obama
A Mix by DJ Chief Boima


Intro: Black President - Chief Boima
Black President (I Can’t Wait) - Brenda Fassie (Chief Boima Remix)
Barack Speaks - Barack Obama
You’re the Man (Pts. 1 & 2) - Marvin Gaye
Work to do - Kidz in the Hall
Somebody’s Gotta Do It - The Roots
The People - Common
Obama - Extra Golden
Can You Feel It? (MLK Mix) - Mr. Fingers
Funky President - James Brown
We Can Make it Better - Kanye West
Thinkin’ of a Master Plan - Yz’s
Open Letter to Obama - Jin
Superstar - Lupe Fiasco
President - Wyclef
Obama - Amigos de Obama
I’ve Got a Crush on Obama (Chief Boima Remix) - Obama Girl


PeaceNic said...

here here. F*** what yo momma says.

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