Thursday, February 28, 2008

Marianne Stevens, Maine Superdelegate, Backs Obama

Chalk another Superdelegate up for the Obama Camp, Democratic National Committee Member Marianne Stevens (email)

CHICAGO, IL Today, Maine Democratic Party Vice Chair, Democratic National Committee Member and Maine Superdelegate Marianne Stevens endorsed Obama, citing his ability to bring new people into the political process, his willingness to stand up to special interests, and his ability to bring change we can believe in.

Marianne Stevens said, “After considerable thought I am proud to give my support and endorsement to Senator Barack Obama. He has won eleven straight contests since February 5, including the Maine caucuses. His success and the overwhelming number of voters who have chosen change helped me make this decision. He's run a smart and exciting campaign and he will bring us to victory in November.

“I was in High School and a volunteer in a Democratic campaign office when I met Bobby Kennedy. He gave us all hope in very troubling times. Barack Obama gives me the same sense of hope for our future. The numbers of new voter registrations and the enthusiasm of younger voters to stand for Obama at our caucuses was very encouraging as well and speaks well for his chances in the general election.”

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