Thursday, February 14, 2008

Obama leads Clinton and McCain in Christian Vote

It looks like the Republicans may have their work cut out for them in the 2008 Presidential election. I’m sure you have heard of YouTube, but have you heard of Godtube? states that it “is a dynamic community of people who are looking to connect, share, and belong. In its simplest form, GodTube is a video-driven social network where users can explore their faith and the tenets of Christianity.” They have more than 2.5 million monthly visitors and over 250,000 registered Christian users, including 25,000 churches and are the number one resource for Christian polling on the web.

This should be a service that the left would fear, but in turn, it looks like the people have spoken on GodTube and they prefer two pro-choice, anti-war, liberal candidates (Obama and Clinton) over the pseudo-conservate/hawk McCain. GodTube has a continuous poll that has been running for some time that simply states Which candidate do you prefer? It is no surprise that Huckabee won almost 50% of the vote, but doesn’t look like he’ll make it to super November. That leaves Obama, Clinton and McCain for the remaining votes and Obama came in a distant, but respectable second at 26%. I think CEO Chris Wyatt said it best.

"Our poll clearly indicates a dramatic change in the pulse of the Christian voter this election," said CEO Chris Wyatt.

Which candidate do you prefer?
Mike Huckabee 46.8%
John McCain 9.5%
Hillary Rodham Clinton 18.1%
Barack Obama 25.6%

Do you consider John McCain to be a Conservative, Moderate or Liberal?
Conservative 13.8%
Moderate 54.3%
Liberal 31.9%

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