Friday, February 29, 2008

Ohio State University's Lantern Endorses Obama

OSU for O!

The Lantern, tapped as the Student Voice of Ohio State University has released an Opinion article today stating that they endorse Obama for the Ohio primary. They also endorse McCain on the Republican side. This will hopefully shoot Obama's poll rating up a couple more points.

"By endorsing Obama, The Lantern by no means doubts the leadership abilities of Sen. Hillary Clinton, who time and again, reminds us of her incredible resumé. Before this campaign season, most of us could not conceivably envision a black man or a woman occupying the Oval Office - at least not within the next several decades. However, as The New York Times editorial board aptly pointed out in its Jan. 25 endorsement of Clinton, "'Firstness' is not a reason to choose."

However, we have seen a side of Clinton throughout the last several weeks - many sides in fact - that leads us to question her tactics. In repeatedly accusing Obama of underhanded attacks, which she alleged to be right out of "Karl Rove's playbook," it is becoming clearer by the day that it is she who has become the Rove character in this novel. Her less-than-cataclysmic accusation of plagiarism last week coupled with her chief strategist's snide jabs at Obama's teenage drug use - which the Illinois senator had confessed to in his first book, "Dreams From My Father" - further illustrates the Clinton camp's evoking of the Rove-esque negativity that so intrinsically defined Bush's rise to power. And to remind us of the ever-present war, as she did during an interview Tuesday with David Brody of the Christian Broadcast Network, as a means of refuting Obama's so-called cult of personality, only serves to remind us how the war began in the first place and who voted to begin it."

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