Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bloomberg Aide Mentions Obama-Bloomberg Bid

Aide Floats Obama Bloomberg Bid

Deputy Mayor Kevin Sheekey, who has spent many months (if not years) hinting about his boss's (Bloomberg) presidential ambitions, is still stirring the pot of rumors.

"Certainly you could joke that Obama's call was a fundraising call yesterday. The man [Bloomberg] has the ability to finance a campaign. I don't think that’s why you choose a vice president. I do think that people are going to be very concerned about the influence of special-interest money in this campaign going forward.

“I think it was a reasonably short call, you know, I was briefed. I was told they had a nice call and I spoke to the mayor after they had breakfast a few months ago. Back to Obama -- you were the one asking about an Obama ticket. I think the mayor is the ultimate swing voter. He is someone who the country is looking at to find out where they will go. He is one of the true independents in the country."

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