Friday, March 21, 2008

Maura Harty Clinton Connection to Obama Passport Breach

Let's truly hope that the Clinton Campaign had nothing to do this with Passport Security Breach.

After the news broke Thursday that two employees of the State Department had been fired and a third disciplined for accessing passport records of Sen. Barack Obama, MSNBC noted a Clinton connection to the story. The network reported that Maura Harty, the State Department official in charge of the Bureau Of Consular Affairs during the first two breaches of Obama's passport, had served as an ambassador under Bill Clinton.

"Harty was a consular affairs chief until the end of last month when she retired from foreign service work. Before her stint as the assistant secretary of state of consular affairs, Hardy was an ambassador to Paraguay under President Bill Clinton," MSNBC reported.

And what about this article: Is Maura Harty Endangering National Security?

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