Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Obama Calls Saturday Night Live Producer Loren Michaels?

I wonder what this conversation was about? I'm sure it had something to do with this skit.

"There's no doubt that Sen. Clinton went very negative over the last week," he said. "And the kitchen-sink strategy, I'm sure, had some impact, particularly in a context where many of you in the press corps had been persuaded that you had been too hard on her and too soft on me. And so, you know, complaining about the refs apparently worked a little bit this week. And so, in addition to my call to Lorne Michaels, you know, hopefully, now people feel like everything has evened out and we can start actually covering the campaign properly."

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angry and upset said...

This has nothing to do with Sen. Obama except that he should have made a comment about your"skit"featuring incest and
Gov. Palin's husband.
I would have to believe that you must not have a daughter, or just have not raped her yet,or allowed a family member to do that so far. This skit is not funny,I am a teacher who worked girls that were molested by family members,and through tears and beatings we found nothing at all to laugh at. I work with children ever day,and they are not allowed to use words like that,I teach them to respect everyone,it is hard to teach respect when the adults in our soceity do not do the same. I hope that if you have a daughter and she is ever beaten, or raped, or molested by a family member,or if you are ever accused of raping her,that no one will use an a skit on TV.

I have already asked people not to buy any"GE" products, and will contitue to see your show is taken off the air...I hope Sarah and Sen.decorated war veteran John Mc Cain,will both do the right thing and sue everyone involved in that skit. I was always taught to respect my "elders". Is there anything you hold sacred and precious,it doesn't matter that he was tortuted while you were having drinks with friends.
I stopped wathching your show years ago,because it's just not funny.
60,000 women came to see Sarah,I am going to ask all of them to never watch SNL again.
And to NEVER buy any "GE" products, and as you know they make a lot of things

As I mention will be taking time to contact General Electric for them to make a public statement on what they think of this skit?