Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Obama Race Speech Live Blog Recap


This was an amazing and historical speech and hopefully a turning point in this presidential campaign.

This is not complete and is only a play by play as much as I could get while listening -

Harris Wofford opening

Starts with “We the People” Declaration of Independence quote, how it started in Philadelphia (where he is speaking) and talk about “stain of the sin of slavery” Constitution promised liberty and justice. Words on parchment didn’t stop slavery and citizenship.

Son of a black man from Kenya, White woman from Kansas. Married to Black American with slave ancestors. Has went to some of the best schools and lived in one of the poorest nations. Commanding victories in high white populated states. Commentators have called me “Too Black or Not Black Enough”

Lately race has become a divisive term.

Jeremiah Wright used incendiary language. Condemned these statements. Has heard negative language and tones from Wright in the past. Strongly disagreed with his political views, as you have for your own priests and pastors. Problems that confront us all that are larger than race (health care, etc.) Acknowledges youtube likes it’s a cable network ….ha! Wright introduced him to his Christian faith. Not the same man now. Served his country as a Marine and has led the church for 30 years and doing “God’s work on Earth” Dreams from My Father, describes first service he heard Wright speak. Reads from the book. Stories of freedom, survival and hope. Church was a vessel.

Trinity Church embodies black community completely. Bitterness and biases of black America. “As imperfect as Wright is, he is family to me.” Never heard him speak ill of a group in personal conversation.

Can’t disown him or the black community or my white grandmother. “ These people are part of me and part of America, this country that I love.” Cannot ignore race/stereotypes as a country. Our Union has not perfected this issue and this is evident.

Inferior education. Still haven’t fixed 50 years after Brown vs. Board of Education. Legalized discrimination throughout time. Welfare contributed to the erosion of the black family. “Violence, blight and neglect that still haunts us.”

Many didn’t make it because of discrimination. No hope or prospects for future. Questions of race define world view for many blacks. Anger and bitterness hasn’t gone away from early years of discrimination. Voice around the table, at the barber or beauty shop. Politicians find voice as do church heads against this segregation.

Most segregated hour of America is on Sunday Morning. (Lots of applause)

Many whites are anxious about their future as well. Jobs taken away.

Black anger is paralleled by white disdain.

Racial Stalemate that we have been stuck on for years. Working together we can move past some of our racial wounds. Must work to continue on the path of a “more perfect union”.

Society can change as well as self-help. American CAN change, what we have already achieved can bring us Hope, The Audacity of Hope. “Do unto others as we would have them do unto us. Be our brothers keeper. Be our sisters keeper. We have a choice in this country.”

All White Men vote for McCain despite his policies? If we don’t change, in the next election there will be another, different distraction.

War that shouldn’t have been authorized or waged.

“Union may never be perfect but… it can be perfected” Have already made history in this election.

Here is the Full Speech


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