Thursday, March 13, 2008

Obama's Vice President Running Mate?

Here is a great conversation about various Vice Presidential candidates in case Obama wins the nomination.

"March 13, 2008 — As the race for the Democratic nomination draws nearer to the end, many pundits have begun to ask how the choice of a vice president might help to repair the damage inflicted on the Party as a result of the long contest.

The Clinton camp, perhaps wisely, has started to promote the idea of a Clinton/Obama ticket that can unify the party. This is a little irritating because Obama continues to lead in pledged delegates and has every reason to expect to be at the top of the ticket. Because we are the political “team” on we thought we we’d start gaming out other possible hot tickets. And regardless of Team Hillary’s current push, we’re starting with Barack. We’ll get to Hillary and her potential veeps next week"

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Leon Valverde said...

All traditional rules will no applay on this untraditional campaign. When Obama gets the Presidential nomination, the traditional stradegy will be to get an older white male to counter his lack of "inexperience".

This stradegy was adopted by Bush when he asked Cheney to be his running mate, even though he is a very apolitical person with zero personality.

The central rehtoric the Democrats will focus on is hope. This is because hope takes a greater precedent than experience. After all, what makes someone experiened to be in the executive branch? 1 year in the Senate or 20 years in the Senate? The answer is neither. Ultimatley the experience of being Presidential can only be acheived by being President. This leaves us with ingegrity as the central character predictor of a great President.

John Edwards would make a terrific running mate for Barack Obama, not only because of the integrity these two men have, but because young poltitians embody the future of this country; a change that requires momumental legislation and agressive foreign policy reform.

However, there are other great "Vice Presidentiables" out there. Lets begin this discussion and start looking.