Thursday, March 6, 2008

Swiftkids For Truth: Snow Job Cocaine Video and More

This message is sponsored by Swift Kids for Truth

These are either very hilarious or a bit fked up, depending on your take. So, take what you will.....


The Hillary one is quite hilarious:

as is the Edwards one:


nicole said...

I want to laugh...but I just can't bring myself to. I think the f*ed up feeling that you alluded to is what I'm left with.

Just noticed that the Swiftkid series is a project of 23/6, whose tagline is: "some of the news/most of the time." An odd project that seems to thrive off of apathetic youth...a real shame in such a time of HOPE.

Jedidiah said...

Yeah, I can't decide what I feel about the videos. Most people are preaching their irony, but I just don't get it in the cocaine video. I decided not to post a link to 23/6 either b/c of that reason that I'm not 100% about that org.

Synergist said...

As a parent, I fail to see the humor. As a person, I fail to see any value.

So tell me - what is your intent?

Jedidiah said...

This is All Things Obama, Im only posting the material not creating it.

Anonymous said...

There is no way in the world would I ever allow my children to be involved in such negativity! I guess we all know what kind of people they are going to grow up to be. And sadly, it won't be their fault. Come on parents!!! Stop this madness!!!!