Tuesday, April 15, 2008

150,000 North Carolina Voters Register Since January

North Carolina Could be a LANDSLIDE!!!!

"The Obama phenomenon has increased voter registration -- particularly among African-Americans on the Democratic side -- but also attracted many unaffiliated [voters]," said Peace College political professor David McLennan, who wonders "Will [those voters] come out in November? Will they come out in May?"

Nearly 150,000 new voters have registered since January 1.

Comparing current numbers to May 2004:

• Unaffiliated voters are up 34.9 percent.
• Republicans are up 10.5 percent.
• Democrats are up 7.5 percent.
• Overall registration is up 13.2 percent.

The new numbers come after Friday's deadline to register to vote on May 6: North Carolina’s primary date. Of that, 90 percent are either Democrats or unaffiliated. The state’s growing role in the Democratic presidential primary is driving people – a larger percentage of which are young voters – to register.

Despite those numbers Democrats still outnumber Republicans in North Carolina by more than 650,000 people -- but the state hasn't voted a Democratic presidential candidate into office since Jimmy Carter in 1976. News 14 Article

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