Thursday, April 17, 2008

Barack Obama 2007 Tax Return Record

Why do we pass around Tax Reports like they are chain emails?

The Gothamist has a detailed look (thanks Watson) at the 2007 Tax Return Michelle and Barack Obama. It looks like over 3/4 of the $4 Million they made was from royalties from the two books Barack has written. Hell, I spent over $50 alone on the books in the past year. As mentioned on the site, it's much lower than the Clintons and for 3/4 of your salary to be on books, hell I don't think there is much wrong with that. The words are obviously influential, which considering Barack's past, it's very parallel to his charity work and similar ventures rather than Lawyer income or something unethical. Isn't there an Ethics chapter in Audacity. What a great thing to make money on...talking about issues like Race, Politics, Ethics, Economy and Hope in America's Future.

See more HERE including Charity donations and that bad thing that Michelle did to support a company that supports Walmart (aka trying to find something bad in the report)

Yahoo has a full write up as well HERE.

Here is even a PDF of their 2007 report.

Now go snoop!

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Anonymous said...

It's even more dramatic than indicated here: out of their 4.3 mil, 3.9 is from his book royalties, which is more like 9/10 than 3/4.