Friday, April 4, 2008

Bros Before Hoes Tshirt Causes Problems at Virginia Commonwealth University

The controversies never stop, neither do the idiots making shirts like this.

Gee Sisk was strolling across Virginia Commonwealth University’s campus when she saw the guy selling the T-shirts from hell.

Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton shared smiles on the shirt above a message that read, “Bros Before Hoes.” And no, the shirt was not endorsing Obama over a garden tool.

Sisk approached the vendor to ask about the shirts. “He didn’t understand what they meant,” she said. “He said, ‘It’s making fun of Democrats.’”

“That T-shirt just seemed really off point,” Sisk, still bemused, said from behind the counter of Harrison Street Coffee. “It didn’t seem like it was for Obama or it was against Hillary. . . . It just seemed like a really stupid T-shirt.” Full Article Here

The T-shirt’s message is the offshoot of a slogan that the online Urban Dictionary defines as an unwritten man law: Male buddies should always come before the females you hope to have a relationship with.


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this shirt is brialliant and funny, sisk should remove the stick from his ass asap