Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Michelle Obama Speech in Raleigh

What a fantastic speech last night. Michelle spoke, ever so eloquently, for over an hour with no notes. The crowd at Reynolds was over 5,000 which is the largest crowd when she is speaking solo. They passed out Change We Can Believe In signs to the lucky few to be behind the podium and the crowd above.

There were lots of great ideas, convictions, and even jokes in her speech. Her main point of the speech was the concept of "the bar constantly shifting/moving" in our country. They first said Obama had to win Iowa, he did, then they said it didn't count. Then they said money matters, but changed that as well. Then they said Super Tuesday. The list goes on and every time Barack has exceeded the bar, they move it. She connected this with the average American's life and education. The bar constantly changes and more is expected of us all, which doesn't produce a positive society. A great quote from the evening was "Fear cuts us off from one another" I say she is VERY proud of our country.

She even threw up the wolfpack sign to the crowd! I was ready to vote for Michelle after her speech. I say Obama/Obama 2008. Screw a vice president.

Also, check out who made it on the WRAL News Video! Stacy and I. Maybe it should be Obama/SmithGant 2008. ?

Video HERE (1:10 in)


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