Monday, April 7, 2008

Nas Endorses Obama

"The man's got what it takes"

via Music News -

Nas has given his total support to Barack Obama's tilt at the White House, as he seeks to become America's first black President. The rap superstar says fellow Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton stands no chance in the ongoing political race. Calling Obama the "face of America", Nas insisted: "There's no two ways to look at it, man. The man's got what it takes. He's serious."

The hip hop icon said he'd been dreaming of a black leader like Barack since childhood, in a move he believes could unite the American nation. He said: "So I think now, with Obama having a great chance of winning, I think (with) black and white, there's been something lifted off their shoulders. "It's like, 'This can happen. This can be great.' And it's about time", explained Nas.

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