Sunday, April 27, 2008

Obama DVDs

An email I received recently.

Hello Fellow Obama Supporters!

How would you like to own a DVD that contains Obama music videos and speeches while helping to raise money for the campaign at the same time? I've put together three separate DVDs with varying video content which I think you will truly enjoy! The video clips on the DVDs also can serve as valuable tools to educate friends, family, and others about Barack Obama. I first made this DVD offer a few weeks ago and, so far, $885 has been raised for Senator's Obama's campaign as a result.

DVD #1 is a collection of music videos and sp eeches given by Barack, his wife Michelle, and Barack's sister Maya Soeteor-Ng. Two of the music videos are by the inspiring and well-known "Yes We Can" video & the follow-up video, "We Are the Ones". Other videos featured on the DVD are: "Ready to Believe" & "Fired Up, Ready to Go". In addition, included is a powerful four-minute clip of Michelle Obama speaking to a crowd of enthused supporters in Ohio, an interview with Barack's sister Maya Soetoro-Ng, and Barack's entire speech given on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day at King's church, Ebenzer Baptist Church in Atlanta, GA. This disc also includes a video profile of Michelle Obama's mother and a short video clip of Obama differentiating himself from Senator Clinton.

DVD #2 features the full-length version of "A Perfect Union", Obama's historical, awe-inspiring speech about race relations in America today. This DVD also contains the "Yes We Can" speech that inspired the music video along with that now famous music video. Finally this DVD contains the clip of kids in a Bronx, NY classroom talking about the "Yes We Can" speech.

DVD #3 (labeled #4) might be considered a focus on the Obama family, a family we'd love to see in the Whi te House. This DVD features a really great 54 minute speech given by Michelle Obama in Haverford, Pennsylvania. This video also includes the video profile of Michelle Obama's mother and the interview with Barack's sister. (Please note that this the fourth DVD I've produced. The original DVD #3 has been discontinued. The content of the original DVD #3 has been combined on DVD #1 and #2)

The DVD of your choice is available for $10 donation to Senator Obama's campaign. To order, simply donate $10.00 to my personal fundraising page:

If you purchase one DVD at $10.00 you can purchase a second or third DVD at $5.00 each! So for a total of $20.00 you can own all three discs while supporting a great candidate!

As a reminder, this is a FUNDRAISING effort to help our man Obama in his journey in becoming our next president! If you can give more than ten to twenty dollars it will also be greatly appreciated!

When you donate the money to my personal fundraising goal, please include your name, address, and which DVD(s) you would like and I will mail it out right away! I'm handling all of the shipping costs and the costs of the DVD. All donations are made online at Senator Obama's web site and I'm getting no financial advantage from this whatsoever.

As you all know, the Indiana and North Carolina primaries are on May 6. Clinton has hinted that she may drop out of the race if she loses Indiana. The more money he has, the more he can spend on advertising and infrastructure in Indiana and North Carolina.

Again, to order, simply go to: And make your donation! Don't forget to include your name, address, and the which of the DVD(s) you want!

You can see the menu contents for each DVD along with a screen shot of the current levels for my personal fundraiser page at You can also see some photos of an Obama fundraising event in February that raised $1270 at



Keith Hood

Fellow Obama Supporter

P.S. The words "selling" and "purchase" are being used loosely. All monies donated are going straight to the campaign. I'm paying for the DVDs. I'm paying mailing cost (except when you choose to help). The DVDs are my personal thanks to you for donating to Obama's campaign.

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