Thursday, April 3, 2008

Obama's Gotham Typeface Analysis

As a designer myself, I love articles like this. I remember one about Bush/Cheney vs. Kerry/Edwards in Metropolis Magazine 4 years ago. This site was actually graphically designed with Obama's color pallate (white background with blue links) and font in mind...easy on the eye (or so I hope)....unlike other Obama blogs.

Many designers have waxed admiringly about Barack Obama’s sophisticated typographical design scheme, particularly the consistent use in much of his graphic material of the typeface Gotham, designed by Tobias Frere-Jones. So I called Brian Collins, an expert on branding, to get his thoughts on what this “good design” means for the candidate.

"But as a result of their approach to design, the Obama campaign really stands out. From the bold “change” signs to their engaging Website to their recognizable lapel pins, they’ve used a single-minded visual strategy to deliver their campaign’s message with greater consistency and, as a result, greater collective impact. The use of typography is the linchpin to the program. Type is language made visible. Senator Obama has been noted for his eloquence, so it’s not surprising that someone so rhetorically gifted would understand how strong typography is and how it helps bring his words — and his campaign’s message — to life."

Full NY Times Article

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