Thursday, April 10, 2008

Time Magazine - Barack Obama's Mother

Time magazine has a lengthy story about Barack Obama's mother.

Article HERE

MP3 synopsis HERE (Right Click & Save As to Download)

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Anonymous said...

I don't think Obama's mother led any sort of life that should be upheld as terrific. A group of people want to think that she was fantastic when in fact "she got around" in more ways than one and led a somewhat jaded lifestyle. I don't like to disrespect the dead - but I don't like a lie either. Her fixation with black men got her nowhere either but a load of all-to typ[ical absentee black fathers of mulato children. This sort of lifestyle is a large part of what is going wrong with our society. Don't celebrate it - learn from it. Yes, it is amazing her son has done so well - and yes I thionk she was a smart woman in "some" ways. Barack isn't really top leadership material - and neither was his mom - God rest her soul. This is my opinion.