Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Michelle Obama Fist Bump The View Video

Here a fist bump, There a fist bump, everywhere a fist bump. Even on The View with Michelle Obama.

"I have to be greeted properly. Fist bump please."

more videos of Michelle on The View HERE


Anonymous said...

Asked about sexism, Michelle said America "isn't used to strong women." What arrogance. We haven't had strong wives, Moms, sisters, daughters, etc. We haven't had strong women as colleagues and bosses and employees. Michelle is the first strong woman we have encountered and we cannot hack it. The irony is that the saps on The View confirmed her bias by accepting this nonsense. Thank goodness they aren't representative of American women.

Anonymous said...

The saps on the view have long ago sold out their respect. The only thing counts for them, is making the paycheck every episode and paying their mortgage on their Manhattan shack. Michelle chose a cheap show. She will never make the bump popular and she knows it. That's why her and Obama are trying so hard to advertise it. The best thing is, when you want to woo black and white, go with the flow, stay conservative, be smart and don't bump. To try to be a teen for a would be first lady is ridiculous. She should go and take some lessons from Laura Bush. There is a lady.

RPC said...

Getting Mrs. Obama out there more and more will only help, as she showed on the view she can come across very thoughtful, polite and gracious. The more people that see this side of Michelle the more that these cheap attacks against her will backfire. As for the two posts above me.... COME ON... she didnt ever say she was the ONLY strong woman and you need to get a life and as for the bump, it makes her seem young, hip and FUN, its cute, and speaking as a young person it will only serve to endear people to the obamas, it got all the coverage it did BECAUSE it was so unique and hip and neat (with the exception of on fox which pretty much backfired for them). Its just another thing that will serve to highlight Mccains age and make young people like them more.

R Day said...


First of all, if you're going to be taken seriously, tell people who you are so you aren't just taking shots from behind the shrubs.

Secondly, if you dislike the ladies on the View, don't watch.

Third to first anonymous, America doesn't like strong women. If they did, wouldn't Hillary have been an overwhelming choice? Women don't like working for, or even attempting to admire other women. I work in a female dominated environment as a male and I'm one of the only people who agrees with the leadership of the female who actually leads.

Lastly, after watching Mimi Eisenhower, Jackie, Ladybird, Pat Nixon, Betty Ford, Rosaline Carter, Nancy Regan, Barbara Bush, Hillary Clinton and Laura Bush I find many qualities of all those women present in a very natural presence of Michelle Obama. My list is an evolution of personalities and of leadership characteristics of American First Ladies. Think about it, don't just rant.

If your mind was already made up, why did you watch? Why did you comment? Why foment aggravation?

Anonymous said...

I like the Obamas, very much!

Anonymous said...

Note to RDay: If "Americans don't like strong women" how do you explain that Hillary got millions of votes? Could it be that they, like the folks in your office, judge women by standards other than their gender?