Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Obama Sock Monkey Apology or Not?

No, not from me, as many readers suggested, but from the company that was originally making the Obama Sock Monkey. I mentioned in a recent post that I thought it might seem a bit racist for a sock monkey to be made out of Obama. I asked readers to contact the company and many did. Many people stated that they wanted one and others thought that the monkey comparison was a bit too much for many.

This story hit the main stream press after I posted links to the sock monkey. I wasn't the first but one of many links to this site, I'm sure, attempting to get this company to pull their monkey. A week later, they have. They have posted an "apol0gy" on their website stating "We are very apologetic to all who were upset by our toy idea. We will not be proceeding with the manufacturing of this toy. Thank you. GD"


Looks like they have issued a new statement saying that there are new oppotunities and they may still sell the sock monkey.... Personally, I'm past whether you should sell this or not but hell, make up your mind guys.

They even made Countdown's Worst Person's list -

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