Thursday, June 12, 2008

Olbermann Countdown Primary Recap Video


WTM said...

hey they forgot the bill clinton "fairy tale" comments, and his calling the reporter a "scumbag", those were two of the best parts! rot in hell, clintons.

WTM said...

also, they forgot when hillary cackled during the debate and tried to bully barack, and he replied, "i look forward to you advising me too, hillary" and the crowd roared. according to andrew sullivan, that was the turning point, and i think i agree.

WTM said...

AND, when in an interview, asked if she thought obama was muslim, hillary said " far i know".

what a sly little woman! trying to plant the seed of doubt in the american public.

well, hillary, you know have a long time to think about all your mistakes and innuendos.