Thursday, June 19, 2008

Michael Stipe for NC Obama

What's the Frequency Obama?

Looks like R.E.M. singer Michael Stipe is the NC Obama train. See here for my review of the Raleigh R.E.M. show.

(I was misinformed and as a reader suggested *thanks*, Lyle Lovett is not the guy on the left....I should have known, considering I saw him live years ago when he was in a cast...nevertheless, it is Michael Stipe!)


Anonymous said...

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Stipes is no more 'right' than anyone else's

Anonymous said...

the dude to the left of stipe is dr. bob burger, he's a crazy homeless guy that rem befriended in seattle when they first toured there and they've kept in touch with him ever since. supposedly he's the leading expert on mycorrhizal fungi in the united states but he is so looney he is often seen wondering the streets of west seattle drinking beer and singing beck songs at the top of his lungs!!!