Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Vice President? Kathleen Sebelius Profile

Remember all the talk about Kathleen Sebelius as Vice President? It keeps picking up steam. Walter Shapiro has a great profile of her over at Salon.

Obama veepstakes: The other woman

She's no Hillary Clinton, but Kathleen Sebelius, the popular governor of Kansas, may have a shot at being Barack's running mate.

"Kathleen Sebelius -- the silver-haired two-term Democratic governor of mostly ultra-Republican Kansas -- is a passionate advocate of political moderation, as oxymoronic as that may seem. Discussing the Republican Party's lurch to the far right in a speech last week to the centrist Democratic Leadership Council, Sebelius said, "It gives an enormous opportunity for Democrats to reintroduce themselves as the sensible, pragmatic, practical approach to coalition government. That is what attracted me to Barack Obama in the first place."

Since endorsing Obama in late January, Sebelius has been a tireless campaigner for the Illinois senator, who has Kansas roots on his mother's side."

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