Wednesday, August 13, 2008

North Carolina Polling Numbers

North Carolina Polling Data from 08/09/08-09/11/08

Good news: winning in the Triangle by 7 points!!!

Bad news: losing statewide by 4 points

Good news: 91% of African-Americans support Obama.

Bad news: 60% of whites support McCain

Good news: 50% of McCain voters say they "have their minds made up"

Bad news: 47% of McCain voters say they might change their minds

Good news: Obama is tied across the state among college-educated voters

Bad news: Obama is losing by 8 points among voters who do not have a college degree

Good news: Winning the "moderate" vote by 10 percentage points!!!

Bad news: Conservatives overwhelmingly support McCain, and make up 1/3 of the polling sample

Good news: It's only August! The only "poll" that matters is the one in November!

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