Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bob Barr Copies Barack Obama's Website

So Bob Barr is someone we don't talk about here on All Things Obama very much. It would be great it America could have a three party system. I personally would probably vote green or another third party if it was a viable option, but this has yet to happen.

That said, I found something recently that alarmed me. Bob Barr talks about how much Barack Obama and John McCain (aka Democrats and Republicans) are so much alike and that he is the third party candidate with new and improved ideas of how to save our country.

Then why, I say, does his website look EXACTLY like Barack Obama's? From the splash pages to the icons/text on the browser bar on the homepages, to the placement of color and layout, Bob Barr's website is essentially a clone of Barack Obama's. Remember when McCain did this too?

Let's take a look at the splash pages - you tell me....aren't they a bit too close for comfort?

Now let's look at the homepages. From the little house on the left of the navigation bar, to the exact layout/wording of text on the bar, to the location/color of the contribution bar and the videos, it seems as though Bob Barr isn't as much of a third party candidate as it would seem.

Is this a joke? Did Bob Barr copy Obama on purpose to make a point? I doubt it.


John P Slevin said...

Bob Barr uses the same web design firm which did the Ron Paul for President website and the design of Bob Barr's website always has been similar to Ron Paul's site.

Prior to Bob Barr's entry into the race, Barack Obama's website had a totally different look than it has today.

So, you are much better off asking if Barack Obama has copied the Ron Paul/Bob Barr design.

Josh Baer said...
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Anonymous said...

It's a website, how different does it have to be? Obama always talks about the need to address the "real issues," and this is not one of them. But I do owe you thanks for turning my attention to a third party candidate. I'm thoroughly disgusted with both major parties and candidates, and have been searching for someone who, unlike McCain or Obama, I can vote for in good conscience. I will definitely look into Bob Barr now. Thanks!