Thursday, February 7, 2008

Could Florida and Michigan Matter After All?

The total delegate count needed to secure the Democratic nomination is 2,025. Obama's campaign has put together a scenario that predicts Obama finishing with 1,806 and Clinton finishing with 1,789. Do the math and you see that is short of the total number needed. Put Michigan and Florida's numbers in there and Clinton wins. Clinton is fighting these delegates, even though none of of her competitors campaigned in the states and were barely, if at all, on the ballot. Could these numbers come back into play? Bloomberg states the following:

"Under the current rules, there are only two ways Michigan and Florida could get convention delegates. The states could resubmit a selection plan that is consistent with DNC rules. That could include holding another primary or a party run caucus, for example.

The states could also appeal to a DNC panel that deals with convention credentials. Neither state has done so, DNC spokesman Damien LaVera said."

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