Thursday, February 7, 2008

Gore Endorsement Rumor AGAIN!

I speculated a week or so ago about a
Gore Endorsement rumor surfacing. Well, looks like it is back and " It is a rumor apparently spreading like wildfire through the Clinton campaign." Nevertheless, John Edwards, Al Gore and Bill Richardson could play a big role. But what kind of role would they play? From Alernet.

"A well-placed spouse of a Clinton campaign insider just told me that a rumor is spreading like wild fire that Al Gore is going to endorse Barack Obama.

My source emphasizes that this is rumor and may just be paranoia and hyperventilation of the campaign, but it's important to know that this rumor is out there. Another source of mine inside Obamaland has told me that they have been working very hard to secure Gore's public support and trying numerous avenues to "encourage" him."

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