Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Is Obama the Messiah?

A bunch of websites and posts have been dedicated to this idea. From the fact that the phrase Believe In... appears so close to Obama, to his speeches that almost have a "preacher" aspect to them, many people are starting to ask the question: Is Obama the Messiah?

The site Obama Messiah is dedicated to finding imagery and quotes that they distort to make it look like Obama has been anointed by the throngs of followers as the Messiah. The grainy photos illustrated below are from the site and are essentially reproductions of AP photos with dreamy or "heavenly" atmosphere added to them. I find it funny and there are other articles written on this issue as well including
Barack Obama Is Not Jesus and Slate's lovely The Obama Messiah Watch which is a "periodic feature considering evidence that Obama is the son of God."

Maybe so, but until the End Times, he'll just hand out doughnuts...

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