Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tim Kaine as VP? Pelosi Endorsement? Obama Sweeps Chesapeake!!

According to CNN, Virginia Governor Tim Kaine is on Obama's 'short list' to be in his administration if he won the Democratic nominee. Kaine seems like he would be a great choice for Vice President and considering he was one of the first people to endorse Obama, this could be true.

Also, acccording to the Times in the UK, Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi is still neutral in the race for the Democratic nomination but is "leaning towards Obama." And what about Obama-Pelosi 2008?

“The party Establishment is not going to turn its back on a candidate who is generating this tremendous excitement and bringing all these new voters into the political process,” an adviser said
All this news, as well as the fact that Obama swept all three Chesapeake primaries tonight, puts Obama in a great position to get the nomination sooner than expected. Maybe tomorrow is the date that Edwards endorses Obama, although sources told me yesterday that Edwards was close to endorsing Hillary unless Obama won convincingly, which he did tonight.

Final vote counts (now these are blowouts!):

Obama 75%
Clinton 24%

Obama 60%
Clinton 30%

Obama 64%
Clinton 35%

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