Sunday, March 9, 2008

Fred Armisen on playing Obama on SNL

Getting to play Senator Barack Obama. Jim Downey wrote a brilliant piece about the media and the debate from that week. I can't say enough about Jim. My reaction when I read his sketches for the first time is "oh yeah! It IS like that!" Then I feel like a dummy for not realizing those things earlier. Also, I'm always psyched to do a sketch with Amy. Anyway, about Senator Obama, we did makeup tests on the Thursday before the show. Our head makeup guy Louis Zakarian put it all together. We tried to do as little as possible so that it wasn't too distracting. He glued in these little plastic pieces behind my ears to make them stick out a little. The makeup test, which is pretty much just me standing in front of the cameras for a while, went well. So, thank you Louis!

And thank you for reading this. See you next week!


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