Sunday, March 9, 2008

Mr President Obama Saturday Night Live Skit 2/8/08

For the fourth show in a row, Saturday Night Live opened with a 2008 election skit. This time it was a spoof of the now infamous and overplayed ad that Hillary released a couple of weeks ago. The ad included a reference to 3AM and children sleeping. You know the ad I'm sure. SNL did a parody of the ad with Obama as Mr. President calling Hillary at 3AM to ask her advice. The skit was not live action and only showed various stills of both actors Armisen and Poehler in funny positions/expressions relative to the dialogue that was dubbed over the images. The short revolved around "experience" and the fact that Obama didn't have much and Clinton did, including how to turn the heat down in the White House. Apparently, the presidential job had caused Obama so much stress he had taken up smoking again, although he denied don't lie...

A very funny skit and I'll have video up as soon as it is available. VIDEO HERE

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