Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Obama and Clinton Dream Ticket?

Clinton hinted at it this morning, but who will be on top?

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Obama responds with "not so fast"

"As he often is, Obama was asked about the possibility of a joint ticket with Clinton.

"We are just focused on winning this nomination," he said. "I think it is very premature to start talking about a joint ticket."

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Anonymous said...

Nightmare Ticket for independants. Much of Obama's support from independents, like myself, is due to the fact that he is different from old school political hacks like Clinton & McCain. If Obama teams up with Clinton, he is a sell out and loses that appeal. If Obama loses the Dem. Nomination, he may as well go for the VP post, as he may bring some extra black voters to the polls on the democrat side, to slightly offset the whites independants that will wing away from Clinton, and elect McCain. If Obama wins the Democrat nomination, he will lose independant support, and the national election, with Clinton as running mate. If Obama announces Edwards or someone with similar appeal to independant swing voters, he will win both the nomination and the election.

Obama's problem right now is that he is too much like Hillary, independants are not enthusiastic to vote for a pink man with a Clinton appeal, Independant Voters want someone who is very different from Clinton or McCain and it is getting harder and harder to see any difference between Obama as these nominations drag on.