Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Triangle for Obama March 4th Watch Party

Triangle for Obama is having a watch party tonight March 4th in Downtown Raleigh at Zydeco. Letter below from founder Paulette Hill.

"I have heard everything is BIG in Texas. Let's find out together if Texas will deliver a BIG win for Obama. OH, RI, AND VT will cast their votes too, and something tells me that we may have a great deal to celebrate on this night. Please join us at ZYDECO, owned by former NFL player Antwan Harris. Almost 1 year ago we held an Obama Campaign Kick Off at Zydeco where 75 people showed up. Antwan will open his establishment just for us. They are normally closed to the public on Tuesday's. The full menu will be available for purchase, so come hungry and let's support the business of someone who supports Obama. Every TV including the big screen on the stage will be on CNN and MSNBC so we can cheer as the big results come in for Obama. Let's celebrate this big night together.

At 7:30pm we will play Obama Trivia and have great gifts for the winners."

See you Tuesday!
Paulette Hill


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