Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Obama Files A Cartoon by Robert Smigel on Saturday Night Live 3/1/08

A Robert Smigel cartoon called The Obama Files later premiered on Saturday Night Live. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson show up at Obama's headquarters to campaign for Obama and show him their support. Obama then sends Jackson to Zambia and puts a shock collar on Sharpton to deter them from doing anything harmful OR helpful.

Sharpton and Jackson then dress up as the cowardly lion and a podium, later both podiums and try to drop in on Obama at a speech. They later sell their story to the Wayans brothers for a film called "Podiums".

The drawings were fantastic as usual, as were the voices for Sharpton, Obama and Jackson. I assume this is a play on the Farakhan fiasco of the past few weeks.

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