Saturday, March 1, 2008

Obama Impersonation on Saturday Night Live Part Two 3/1/08


For the second week in a row Saturday Night Live has opened their live show with a Democratic Debate. This week, Fred Armison was a bit better with his Obama impersonation. Armison had Obama's articulation of words and expressions a bit more under control this time and actually added some humorous aspects to the impersonation (something that last week's debate lacked). Darrell Hammond's impersonation of Tim Russert was quite impressive and very funny. Again, the main joke was based on the media's adoration for Obama and their "irritation" with Clinton. The most entertaining piece of the debate spoof was when Russert and Williams asked Clinton questions about foreign leaders' names which she was unable to answer, but Obama knew immediately. Many of the answers were given to Obama during their badgering of Clinton. After the debate, an editorial response was delivered by Clinton herself. She is the presidential candidate on SNL in as many weeks.

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