Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ed Koch Says Palin is "Scary"

Former NY Mayor Ed Koch, who backed Bush in 2004, has thrown his support behind Obama, citing among other reasons that Palin is "scary." More via Ben Smith at Politico.

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Anonymous said...

Koch is misinformed. In 1996, Palin called for letters of resignation from all of the top managers who had just supported her opponent for mayor, including the librarian. She was making sure that they knew that they owed loyalty to her. This is good management practice!

She did ask the librarian if she would be open to removing books from the shelves. The librarian said no and that was the end of the matter.

Later as Governor, she did not try to impose her beliefs upon the Alaska educational system.

If anything, the events described by Koch were a learning experience for Palin on the limits of executive power, not a reason to oppose her.

As far as Jews are concerned there is a very strong reason to support her. She is strongly pro-Israel!

Howard Richman